Face Masks

Disposable masks with elastic ear bands and adjustable nose bridges. The
ear hook is robust, flexible, & comfortable.

Disposable 3-Layer Protection Face Masks (50 Pieces)


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Currently, it is very difficult for many people in need to have access to face masks. However, we are trying to make it easier and more affordable for everyone in the US to have access to masks, so grab some of our 3-Layer Face Masks and stay safe.


  • Includes 50 3-Layer Protection Face Masks for everyday wear
  • Our 3-Layer Protection Face Masks acts as a general barrier for the wearer by covering the nose and the mouth.
  • Our 3-Layer Protection Face Masks protect you from infectious agents, viral droplets, dust, ash, pollen, fine dust, solid fine dust particles, and car exhaust fumes.
  • Our 3-Layer Protection Face mask features elastic earloops for utmost comfort and best fit
  • Our 3-Layer Protection Face masks are made to use in an easy and friendly way. They are comfortable and breathable.

Our Commitment

We are fully committed to providing as many safe and effective face masks to as many people as possible. We understand that with the current environment it is difficult for many people to have access to masks. Therefore, we strive to deliver affordable masks at all times. As for price, we promise that as our costs decrease, our prices will decrease as well.

Three Layer Protection System

The three layers of dust-proof filters protect you from infectious agents, viral droplets, dust, ash, pollen, fine dust, solid fine dust particles and car exhaust fumes.

More Information

High - Quality Materials

Our high-quality face mask differentiate us from cheaper alternatives. The inner, outer and center layer of the mask consist of high-quality and non-woven material. You can find comfort, softness and excellent breathability.

Safe to Use

The ear hook is robust and flexible and suitable for adults and children. The mask are made to perfectly fit your face for better protection.

From "Medical Expo"

A surgical mask is a disposable medical device that can be bought in pharmacy and that protects against infectious agents transmitted by “droplets.” These droplets can be droplets of saliva or secretions from the upper respiratory tract when the wearer exhales.